Dima Matar

Dima Matar is an emerging Media Artist and Curator with a passion for visual media, ranging from film to experimental video, as well as live-coded generative visuals, an art from she was exposed to as a member of the Cybernetic Orchestra, an experiential live-coding ensemble. Matar holds a B.A. in Multimedia from McMaster University, which served as a basis for her work in arts education with at-risk youth. Matar’s work has been exhibited at the Factory Media Centre, Hamilton Audio-Visual Node (HAVN), and the central branch of the Hamilton Public Library, as well as the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Pavilion at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Amy McIntosh

Amy McIntosh is an emerging new media & visual artist and designer living in Hamilton ON. Her art work takes the form of video & documentary, installations, interactivity, projections, sculpture and painting. McIntosh has an M.A. in New Media from McMaster University, and is co-founder of HAVN – Hamilton Audio Visual Node, a collaborative studio and gallery in the James North art district.

Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay

Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay is a visual/media artist and filmmaker who loves weaving stories, manipulating video, wielding words, and playing in paint. Her short films have screened at festivals in Canada and internationally. Vanessa is a video editor, and an Artist-Educator with the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts and The Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts program. She was also the Lead Artist in their Design | Media Arts program that was piloted in Hamilton in 2016. She has a joint-degree from York University (BFA, Film & Video/English) and Sheridan College (Media Arts).