DAV(e) Collective


The Mind’s Eye
Opening Art Crawl Party – December 9th, 2016 // 7-11pm
Featuring musical guests starting at 9pm
GlassEYElashes https://glasseyelashes.bandcamp.com/
& Earth, Wind and Choir

The Mind’s Eye is a collaborative video installation focused around what we ‘see’ in the world versus how we see it in our minds, and the disconnect that exists between ‘reality’ and how we process it internally. Look into our eyes, and feast on the DAV(e) collective’s mental imagery, insecurities, fears, and the dark depths of our psyches.

” … we are not just looking at a scene from outside; we are always in it. People, you might say, are biological sensing devices, placed in an infinitely complex three-dimensional environment. What we see, subjectively, is always related to what we are interested in … the eye is attached to the mind.” — Martin Gayford, writing on David Hockney